• Image of Scent Sets - Perfumery Materials Training
  • Image of Scent Sets - Perfumery Materials Training
  • Image of Scent Sets - Perfumery Materials Training
  • Image of Scent Sets - Perfumery Materials Training
  • Image of Scent Sets - Perfumery Materials Training

Scent Sets - Perfumery Materials Training is a workshop series that can be taken as a whole, or explored session by session depending on your interests and availability. The core philosophy of fragrance training lies in the deep understanding of 'Matières Premières' or raw materials used in perfumery. From this your imagination & creativity can take flight.

Whether you are interested in perfumery creation, appreciation, evaluation, perfume writing, are a seller of perfumes, or are just wanting to explore your senses; you will come away with a deeper understanding of beautiful raw materials, a better olfactory memory and lots of creative inspiration.

There are ten Scent Sets in all which encompass the major aromatic classifications for perfumery ingredients: Citrus, Herbaceous, Woody, Spicy, Floral, Fruity, Gourmand, Resin & Incense, Animalic and Abstract & Modifiers.

For each Scent Set session you will take home the curated selection of 10 core raw materials; a set of notes covering key materials, their origins, chemistry, odour profiles, olfactory analysis worksheets and their use in fragrances; a perfume you have created inspired from your Scent Set and a certificate of completion for each Scent Set.
The Scent Sets have been created by request (thank you for your enthusiasm!) as a follow on from the popular Art of Perfumery full day Intensive Perfumery workshops or from short introduction to perfume making workshops. You can of course also take them just for sheer interest or to enhance your senses and creativity!

Workshops can be booked as a full set of 10 sessions (with a saving of 15%) or as single sessions (modules) that can be picked and and chosen as you like. They also make an ideal gift for your creative friends and can also be purchased as a voucher.

Time: 11:30-4:00pm, Saturday & Sundays.
Citrus Scent Set - Saturday 10th February
Herbaceous Scent Set - Sunday 11th February
Woody Scent Set - Saturday 17th February
Spice Scent Set - Sunday 18th February
Floral Scent Set - Saturday 10th March
Fruity Scent Set - Sunday 11th March
Gourmand Scent Set - Saturday 24th March
Resin and Incense Scent Set - Sunday 25th March
Animalic Scent Set - Saturday 7th April
Abstract Notes and Modifier Scent Set - Sunday 8th April

Fragrance wheel image used courtesy of Fragrances of the World - Thank you.